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Memory at Creations

64MB PC133 SDRAM 8x64 168 Pin DIMM
To take advantage of today's more powerful processors, we recommend PC 133 memory. This 7.5  nanosecond memory is certified to run with 100MHz bus speeds. It matches today's high-megahertz processors stride for stride to give you maximum performance and speed. Surf faster, run more problems simultaneously, run memory-hungry applications easily. PC 133 is the smart choice.
**Due to market volatility, all prices subject to change**



128MB PC133 SDRAM 16x64 168 Pin DIMM

Memory Size   128 MB
Memory Type   DIMM Type
Module Type   SDRAM PC133
PINS   168 PIN
Speed   7.5ns



 256MB PC133 SDRAM 32x64 168 Pin DIMM

Memory Size   256 MB
Memory Type   DIMM Type
Module Type   SDRAM PC133
PINS   168 PIN


Contact Rich at Kelly Creations if you are interested in purchasing any of this very reliable memory. Warranty is 1-year through Kelly Creations. 

Additional memory available upon request. 

Send email to request Memory information now.

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