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Hard Drives at Creations

WD Caviar WD200BB 20GB EIDE HD ATA100 8.9/7200/2MB

bulletCylinders - 16383
bulletHeads - 16
bulletSectors/Track - 63
bulletLanding Zone - 16383
bulletWPC - 16383
bulletFormatted Capacity - 20,020 MB
bulletInterface - 40-pin EIDE
bulletAverage Seek (Read) - 8.9 ms typical, 18 ms maximum
bulletAverage Seek (Write) - 10.9 ms typical, 20ms maximum
bulletTrack to Track Seek - 2.0 ms typical, 5 ms maximum
bulletFull Stroke Seek - 21 ms typical, 28 ms maximum
bulletIndex Pulse Period - 8.3 ms (nominal)
bulletAverage Latency - 4.2 ms (nominal)
bulletRotational Speed - 7200 RPM (nominal)
bulletController Overhead - 0.3 ms average
bulletTransfer Rate (Buffer to Host)
- 100 MB/s (Mode 5 Ultra ATA)
- 66.6 MB/s (Mode 4 Ultra ATA)
- 33.3 MB/s (Mode 2 Ultra ATA)
- 16.6 MB/s (Mode 4 PIO)
- 16.6 MB/s (Mode 2 multi-word DMA)
bulletTransfer Rate (Buffer to Disk)
- 244 Mbits/s minimum
- 400 Mbits/s maximum
bulletInterleave - 1:1
bulletBuffer Size - 2MB
bulletError Rate (Non-Recoverable) - <1 in 1014 bits read Spin



Maxtor 40.9GB UDMA HD IDE ATA/100 9.0/100/7200/2MB

Unleash your computer’s maximum performance with the new DiamondMax® Plus 40 series from Maxtor. Available in capacities up to 40 GB, these 7,200 RPM drives include Maxtor’s unique DualWave™ twin processor technology for a 10x boost in host command processing speed. Coupled with 2 MB of high speed 100 MHz SDRAM for the cache buffer and an UltraDMA 66 interface, give our DualWave-equipped hard drives superior benchmark performance and maximum throughput. As a result, they’re an ideal choice for consumers working with large files, including audio and video applications. No matter how demanding your application, the new DiamondMax Plus 40 series delivers the ultimate in performance and capacity.



Capacity: 40,981 MB


Interface: Ultra ATA-66


Seek Time: 9.0ms


Transfer Rate: 66.6 MB/s


RPM: 7200


Buffer Size: 2MB


Warranty: 3 yrs.



Maxtor 60.0GB UDMA HD IDE ATA/100 9.0/100/5400/2MB

Our new 5,400 RPM DiamondMax™ 60 series is the perfect choice for consumers working with massive digital audio and video files. With data speeds closely matching those of 7,200 RPM products, the DiamondMax 60 series delivers outstanding data transfer performance and has capacities up to 60 GB.

They have an average seek time of sub-9 ms, a fast 2 MB 100 MHz SDRAM cache buffer and an UltraDMA 66 interface to ensure maximum data throughput. These capacity leaders also employ Maxtor’s DualWave ™ multi-processor controller plus ShockBlock ™ and MaxSafe ™ feature sets for added reliability and superior protection from shock and damage. No matter how large your application, the new DiamondMax 60 series has the capacity and performance you need.


bulletMaximum Capacity of 60 GB
bulletSupports ATA/5 for up to 100 MB/sec data transfers
bullet2 MB SDRAM Cache Buffer
bullet5,400 RPM Spin Speed
bullet< 9.0 ms average seek time


Contact Rich at Kelly Creations if you are interested in purchasing any of these very reliable hard drives. Warranty is 3-years through Maxtor or Western Digital. 

Additional Hard Drives available upon request. 

Send email to request HD information now.

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