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Kelly Creations Web Design was started in 1999 by Rich Kelly of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  I will stand behind my work 100% and do whatever it takes to satisfy your design needs. You can have as much input on the design of the web that you would like. Not all web designers will give you that! There will be no surprises when you do a site with me. I believe in putting everything up front and on the table. 

You just need to give me a rough idea of what content that you would like to see on your site - I'll put a basic site together and then we will go from there. Editing is allowed and if you would like something different, don't hesitate to ask!! 

Updating your site can be the most important thing to keep information current and people coming back to it. Updating after the initial site is created will be done at a minimal cost to you. See our pricing schedule to review those costs.

Kelly Creations Web Design 1999

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